What foods should not be consumed before bedtime?


Do you enjoy snacking before bed? Eating something before bed is not forbidden, but you should be careful because there are some foods not to eat before bed. During sleep, the body’s metabolism will slow down. The body should focus to rest, not digest the food. In addition, there is also a detoxification process in the body. About two hours before bedtime, you have to stop eating.

This is the list of foods not to eat before bed

1. Pizza

Who does not like this Italian food? Eating pizza at night is very tempting, but avoid if you crave pizza before bed. A sour tomato sauce on a pizza can be a stomachache in the middle of the night. You do not want to, do you, wake up sleeping in the middle of the night having to go to the toilet? In addition, eating pizza at dinner will add many calories you don’t need, because the pizza itself is served with a variety of toppings or even extra extra mozzarella cheese.

  1. Sweet cereal

It doesn’t matter if you want to eat cereal before going to bed, but try to keep it low in sugar, rich in fiber, like corn-flakes. Avoid sweet cereal because it will be digested directly by the body, so it can inhibit the production of your sleep hormone. If you can not sleep, you may be easily tempted to eat other foods throughout the night.

  1. Dark chocolate

Chocolate? You may think with chocolate, you will find a happy hormone and sleep soundly. In fact, chocolate, overcoming dark chocolate, not only contains high calories, but also contains caffeine. Caffeine will make you more alert and energized, not even so sleepy. Even chocolate contains theobromine, one of the stimulants also that will keep you awake, so you may experience sleep disorders and heart rate comfort.

  1. Energy drinks

From the name alone you certainly understand this type of beverage to increase energy alias as a stimulant. This energy drink usually also contains caffeine, and total caffeine every 8 ml can be equal to the total caffeine contained in espresso coffee. Should avoid drinking this energy drink at night, even you are also advised not to drink this drink in the morning.

  1. Spicy food

It’s tempting to eat instant noodles plus chili pieces at night, or buy meatballs with extra chilli, even snacking on spicy chips while watching television at night. Cold air at night makes us want fresh food, such as food berkuah and spicy food. Eating spicy foods can increase your appetite, therefore avoid the mother at night. You will also have trouble sleeping because your stomach feels hot after eating spicy food. That makes this foods not to eat before bedtime.

  1. Carbonated Drinks

Are you accustomed to drinking soft drinks containing soda after dinner? Soda to drink at any time. Wait while the cold soda, drink it like quench your thirst. You need to know, soda contains many calories, so drink it before bed is not a good idea, if you have trouble with weight. Soda also contains sodium benzoate and other chemicals that can interfere with the digestive tract. In addition, these chemicals can stimulate acid reflux of the stomach that causes you to experience heartburn and heat in the stomach.

  1. Chickens

Chicken fry is a food that we often meet anywhere, can be on the roadside eating places, restaurants fastfood, we can even fry it ourselves at home. Chicken fry does not take a long time. Fried chicken can be served with rice or potatoes, can also be eaten without served with other foods. Did you know whether the chickens will slow you down at night? Yes, chicken contains a counterproductive protein. This can cause your body not a focus for rest, but it digests the food. Eating it with carbohydrates can make a balance in the process of digestion.

  1. Wine

Have you ever mentioned the term “end your day with a glass of wine”? Often we see wine drunk at night. Different types of alcohol is not a good idea to make you fast asleep. The metabolism process will run fast when you drink alcohol, and your sleep process will be disturbed because you will wake up every few moments. This is of course. Another fact, alcohol can cause you to snore badly while asleep, of course your partner will be disturbed by this.

  1. Coffee

Coffee is the best choice to accompany your days when you feel powerless. Coffee contains caffeine that can keep you awake, heart rate more cep. This is because caffeine is one of the central nervous stimulants. Often, we need coffee when we are in school, college, or work deadline, but coffee can also be enjoyed while relaxing and chatting with friends. Drinking it at night is actually a bad idea, no matter what your reasons. Increased heart rate can make you restless and anxious, plus you will find it difficult to fall asleep.

  1. Burger

Burgers are easy to get and easy to eat. Unfortunately, burgers contain high saturated fats, and foods that contain fat make the digestive system work harder. Again will disrupt your sleep quality. Saturated fats will also keep you awake. The body gets tired of not being able to focus on getting the proper rest.

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