How To Treat Bed Bug Bites


Bedbugs bite that cause very severe itching. Here are the symptoms that appear on the skin and tips to overcome the bite of bedbugs. When bedbugs attack humans, the bedbug will tend to move all over the place and bite randomly over several times. Bedbugs are one of the smallest and parasitic species. This animal likes human blood to survive. Bedbugs are very harmful to humans because they can easily spread. Bedbugs are sometimes called bastards, mites, or tall. If the tick is hit it will feel a distinctive aroma, which smells fragrant like a pest.

This small insect has a sharp body shape and sharp pointy jaw. Bedbugs survive from blood drunk from humans. When his mouth penetrates into human skin, the anticoagulant in his saliva will be injected into the blood resulting in hard to free blood. Usually, these insects will finish sucking blood after really feeling full. Symptoms bitten by bedbugs will be seen from anticoagulants that cause skin to itch. Bedbugs can also be agents of typhoid and pest infections.

Symptoms are bitten by bedbugs

The signs of a bedbug bite can be seen as small red bumps that appear on the surface of the skin. If you observe it closely, then you will see a red circle around it with a small hole in the middle. This little hole is where the bedbug sucks human blood. One of the unique characteristics of bedbugs is not to bite once but also many times. Therefore a small visible bump may not be just one but many like dots and itchy.

The lumps on the skin caused by tick bites are so disturbing as they continually cause intense itching for several days. Skin irritation will vary from mild to severe. Itching gets worse if someone affected by a bedbug bites scratches his skin. Sensitive skin can trigger bacterial attacks and eventually cause skin infections. As a result, the size of the lump increases in size and the skin rash will spread to other parts. For children, the symptoms will be more severe than adults. When a child is bitten by a bedbug, severe skin allergies and itching occur how to treat bed bug bites

Tips to overcome the bite of bedbugs

Treatment action should be done immediately after a skin bump is formed so the problem does not get worse. The first step is to clean the affected area with soap antiseptic soap and cold water to sterilize it. Do not use hot or warm water can add itching. The next step is to use an ice pack. Wrap some ice cubes in a piece of clean cloth and compress on the bite marks of bedbugs. It has a calming effect and relieves itching and swelling to some extent. To treat skin irritation, hydrocortisone cream can also be used

However, if self-administered treatment does not work, it will require medical help. Usually the drugs used are antihistamine and calamine lotion as a topical drug on bite marks. Especially in young children who have serious infections after a few days of bedbug bites, then should visit a doctor to treat the infection.

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