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Bed linen every day we use. From the 24 hours we have the average of 6-8 hours we are with him. He is so influential on the freshness of our body. You imagine if the bed sheet at home feels hard, stiff, let alone hot (not cool) must be uncomfortable break us. Usually the type of bedding material is very determine the comfort of our rest. Several types of bed linen materials are widely used in the market today, among others;


Polyester is made of synthetic fiber, the fabric is a bit rough, the pattern is a lot, easy to set not easy to tangle the price is quite economical. This material is less suitable in tropical countries. This material does not absorb sweat.


CVC fabric has 60-70% cotton composition and the remaining 30-40% viscose or rayon material is comfortable and soft. Viscose material is usually used in T-shirts, jackets, shirts and so on. CVC commonly called korean cotton. The fabric is soft, the price is also not expensive and includes medium quality. Another plus is not easily tangled.


Materials commonly used for bed sheets and bed covers. The motive is diverse, smooth and not hairy, the color is relatively durable and sweat absorption is quite good and the price is relatively affordable. In the market there are 2 types of local cotton are often encountered, namely:

  1. Cotton Panca

This type of cotton is locally made. The composition consists of 75% cotton and 25% polyester. The motives are diverse, especially the motives of children and classics. For full motif2 rather stiff, because the color is thick so as not to quickly fade. The material is cold, soft, not hot, no hairy, not faded and comfortable to wear. This panca cotton material is widely used by manufacturers of bed linen that generally have a name in the world of bed sheets such as STAR, FORTUNA, NIKITA, ETC.

  1. Catra Cotton

Composition of cotton and polyester versus 80% and 20%. The smaller the polyester content the more refined the fabric. The motif looks modern (minimalist), some motif = panca cotton version. Catra cotton is full and the fabric is soft. The material is cold, soft, not hot, not hairy, not faded and comfortable to wear.This also Sheets That Keep You Cool.


King Koil is the world-renowned mattress / bedding manufacturer. Due to the fact that kingkoil beds are made from Jaguard (European Cotton) cotton bed linen, with the best thread count and top quality of all cotton fabrics. In the fabric market, Jaquard is better known as King Koil .. Maybe because the quality is very good, so people often call it King Koil material.


This fabric is a combination of cotton and silk. Have a limp nature with silky texture typical silk and other characteristics typical 1 type of color. Comfortable to use, smooth, but very powerful. The blend of silk makes this material look elegant and soft. Cotton content makes this material strong and durable

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