7 Movement Sports That You Can Do on Mattresses, To Fight Over The Fertile Fat


Lie down on the mattress is the most fun thing done, especially during the weekends and no work. To the extent that you rarely even spend time just roll or just think about ex. Though this is not good for health and a form of futility you know.

Well, rather than wasting your time just for useless activities such as, it would be nice to do sports. Without the need to go outside on the field, your calories can burn with just a simple movement while lying down. Curious? Here’s the summary.

  1. Instead of just looking at the walls of the room, moving your legs upright in a similar way can actually help you become thin.

You want to be thin but lazy to get out of bed? Relax, now you can exercise while you sleep. The way to lay your body on a mattress without a pillow, put your feet and hands parallel to the body. Then lift your legs upright, then lower again without touching the mattress. Perform movements such as these scissors repeatedly. With this movement, the fat in your stomach can get out of the way and your cats can also be smaller. Not surprisingly long overdue skinny body you can also achieve. It’s easy?


  1. Leisure time just lying in bed can be more healthful with gymnastics movement.

Holidays, weekends or when the best time to spare is lying on the mattress. Well so this does not make you more lazy, replace with exercise through a little gymnastics movement. No need to get out of the room and get hot in the outside, just lying on a favorite mattress, your calories are burned.

The trick, tilt the body, hold your head with your hands, and make sure your feet are piled up as in the picture. Then open and close your legs by lifting your knees. But keep your feet still united yes. Do up to 8 counts, then rest, and repeat again. With this movement, your body calories can burn without having to tire out of the house. In addition, the schedule for lazy can be more healthful.


  1. Mattress not only for sleeping, this place can also make you become more ladle and not fat.

In the spare time and no activity, then the mattress so the battle to get rid of boredom. Not only sleep only, now you can take advantage of this place to exercise. The movement technique is easy.

Stomach your stomach and legs on the mattress. Then lift your chest and head, then place your elbows and palms on the mattress. Well, in this position, move your legs perpendicular upward as in the picture. Perform alternately 8 times. Without getting out of the house, your belly fat can burn and your feet can be more level with just simple gymnastics on the bed.


  1. Thin Body is impossible you even though only confined in the mattress. With a little gymnastics, you can make it happen.

The sport is not always done outdoors, now you can do it while lying on the mattress. The trick is easy, first you break the body and fold your legs upright. Then place your hands under your back. Well, in this position, take a breather, and lift your butt as high as possible. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat up to 8 times.

With this movement, your stomach can be even more flat and your body fat burns. The dream of getting a dream body even on a mattress can only come true. You intend to try it?


  1. Want to exercise but do not want get hot in the outside? You can lay down your body alone while doing the motion like pedaling a bike, then the fat on your feet can burn.

The frequency of sleep or just rolling bolsters on the mattress often makes you stamped as lazy. Well, so this does not happen to you again, take advantage of your lazy moments to exercise. The movement is not complicated kok. You just lay down your body. Then take a breath and place your hand on the surface of the mattress and lift your chest up to the position of a cobra. Exhale slowly and hold this position for 8 counts. After that break the body again and repeat this movement 4 times. You can also do this movement when you wake up.

This way you can make your stress disappear and the back pain disappears. In addition, your body flexibility also becomes better.


  1. Instead of just think about ex or someone while lying in the room, just do a little gymnastics movement. For example by stretching your hands and rocking your legs left and right.

Not rarely attacked when you lie on the bed. Remembering the former, bad thoughts, and negative thoughts often stop in the brain. Well, for your laid back activities to be more useful, try doing gymnastics. Easy way, stretch your hand while lying down. Then fold the legs to the right and to the left. Repeat up to 8 times. Well, this movement can make your fat burn without hard-working outside the room.

Sport is not always have to be on the field Using heavy equipment, or swimming pool rentals. Now you can do it on the bed. While lazing and lying, your fat can burn with just the simple moves that Hipwee gives.

Good luck.

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