Homemade King Size Bed Frame


Do you have a rickety iron bed frame? Or maybe you put your mat on the floor with no frame at all. Have you ever thought of having a wooden bed frame? This frame can add a beautiful appeal to your room, and will remove the noise from the irritating iron part. But remember, they are not cheap. Here’s a simple plan to build your own wooden bed frame that can be turned into any size (or height!) You want.


  1. Buy the equipment you need. See the “Things You’ll Need” list below for specific details. The target is to create a frame that will fit a queen size mat (60 “wide x 80” long). More than that, you will need to visit a local building store to get three basic materials:
  • Hanger rail hangers
  • Wood
  • Wood screws
  1. Put the bed rail hangers. This tool is essential in forming a rigid connection between all the bed rails on the frame. Lock the rail rail to the end of the side rail and head pole. Check back for each consistent install. Repeat this process for all angles.
  • These hangers can sometimes be hard to find in a hardware store. If yes, check the seller online.
  • Hangers bed rails are usually sold 4 sets in one package.
  • To replace the bed rail hangers, you can use 8 strong bolts. When tightened, the bolt makes the bed very solid. The stronger bolts are much easier to find than the bed rail hangers.
  1. Pair the supporting rails. Screw the supporting rails on both sides of the rails. Be sure to take the distance between the screw between 12 “(30.5 cm). It gives maximum weight support.
  2. Create a support block. Cut the grooves into the supporting blocks and support beams, as shown. This groove should be a 1.5 “x 3.5” gap in the middle, with a wider size following the wider part of the block.
  3. Attach the support block. Place each support block on the middle of the head rail and the foot rail with the screw.
  4. Insert the wood surface of your mattress. Lay the wood upholstery on the support rails and support beams. Wood coatings should fit inside the inside of the bed frame. When this is done, the mattress can be put in order.


Done. Enjoy your new bed!

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