Temp to Kill Bed Bugs


Dear reader, have you ever woke up and found red bumps on the skin with black dots in the middle like bite marks? If your room is safe from mosquitoes or other insects, the bumps may be the result of a bedbug bite (Cimex lectularius), or we usually call hedge or bamboo.


Although small, this animal is really troublesome. The main food is human blood. This animal causes a foul smell and a very itchy bite marks. They act at night, while in the daytime it is almost invisible. Some people say that this animal is not so dangerous, because it’s not all people experience serious effects after being bitten. However, about 30% of people bitten allergic, even infections, if not immediately get treatment. Well, how to eradicate this animal? Here are Temp to Kill Bed Bugs:


  1. Wash the bed sheet and blanket with hot water.
  2. Dry the mattress, pillows, and bed in the sun. Bedbugs are so antipanas that will quickly die if dried.
  3. Clean the area of ​​the former bed until clean. Check the ceilings and walls of the house especially wooden walls or boards, including wooden tables if there is in the area of ​​the bed.
  4. Clean the bed until clean, then take Lysol liquid (antibacterial cleanser). Wipe the surface of the bed, corners and folds of the mattress, to the legs of the bed. You may also use an insect sprayer, such as Hit or Baygon. However, remember, as long as you spray, cover your mouth and nose with a mask so that the insect sprayer is not inhaled.
  5. Experience shows that the bamboo is very fond of the body that is not clean and smelly. The result of his bite will invite his colony. Therefore, before you sleep, keep your body in a clean state. Apply body lotion, olive oil, or perfume in areas that are easily bitten, such as feet, hands, and neck.
  6. If you have been bitten, do not scratch the bite to avoid open wounds that result in the entry of other bacteria and infection occurs. Immediately rub the bite with olive oil, wasp oil, or sun cream (Sumbawa cream oil).
  7. Some people wrap the entire body mattress with plastic. This is a good way because it will make the bedbugs difficult to breathe and God willing to die.
  8. To prevent bedbugs from coming back, make sure you wash bed linen and blankets a week sekalli with hot water.
  9. Keep always clean, especially in densely populated areas, such as dormitories and boarding schools.

Hopefully these short tips are useful for the readers as well.

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