How to clean the bedroom


How to clean the bedroom

Bedroom is an important part because we spend a third of our age to sleep. Check out the guide how to clean the bedroom efficiently.

Our recommendations

Sort out the clothes in your closet at least twice a year. Consider donating clothes you have not been wearing in the last six months. Less stuff means less likely to fall apart.


Key points :

  • In the meantime, move the items scattered onto the bed so that the floor and furniture are easy to clean
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or a rag to clean every surface in the room. If you have king size mattress. You can use King Size Mattress Set Clearance to have a better clean.
  • Sort items on the bed, which ones can still be used, which ones can be donated, and which ones to save


Get started cleaning up

When the bedroom floor is free of stuff scattered, start cleaning it.

  1. Open the window to let fresh air in.
  2. Remove the dust from the back and furniture surfaces, then broom or suction of dust on the floor below.
  3. Move the furnitures back to where it came from.
  4. Sweep or dust from all parts of the floor and mop if necessary.

To finish the job of cleaning the bedroom, sort out the things you’ve moved to the bed. Group them by where they will go: to the closet, to the washing machine, to another room, or to the trash.

Try to keep only the items that you really need. This is certainly difficult, especially for clothing in the closet. However, try at least two times a year to sort out clothes that are not used anymore and can be donated. Release some clothes for a wider space inside your closet.

The bedroom is one of the main rooms in every home because humans spend a third of their life to sleep. Moreover, the condition of the bedroom also reflects the personality of the inhabitants. Are your beds and cabinets tidy? Any items in your bedroom that can be stored in another room.

Cleaning the bedroom is usually not enough just by cleaning the surfaces in it. The items that are scattered and the contents of the cabinets also need to be tidied up so that it can make this work feel even tougher. Follow our step-by-step recommendations to make this household task easier.


Get rid of unused items

Various items often fill the bedroom, but should not be there. Call it shopping bags, wrap body care products, dirty clothes, and so forth. The first step when cleaning the bedroom is to get rid of these items.

If you plan on refreshing the bedding on the spot, the easy way is to change the sheets and pillowcases, then put them directly into the washing machine. If not, blanket the bed with a towel to protect it from dust.

Move items scattered on the floor and furniture, including dirty clothes, onto the bed. Do not switch your focus on the items you find, plenty of time to sort them later. For a while just move everything to the bed.

Slide all the furniture away from the wall so you can reach the back and the floor below.

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