Types of Bed Cover


As a smart buyer / consumer, we must know the quality of the goods to be purchased. So we know exactly, what is the selling price of a product, whether too expensive, standard or too cheap. Including in terms of buying bed sheets or bedcovers, we must know the quality to sleep we become comfortable and also in accordance with the budget. By knowing the quality of this type of bed linen material, we can know and sort out what kind of bed linen material that suits our needs viewed from comfort, softness, durability, and so forth. Especially now there are many bed sheets and bedcover products are widely circulated in the market, so we must know the difference.


In ancient times, the bed sheet was just a rectangular cloth that served to cover the bed to avoid dirt or dust. Even the material is made of plain fabric and rough motif. However, over the times, bed linen not only serves as a bed cover, but now has become a decorative bed and even become a symbol of lifestyle. If you stay in a 5 star hotel, you will definitely feel the difference in quality of bed sheets and bedcover. Therefore, knowing the quality of bed linen and bedcover material is important for prospective consumers. Here are the types of bed sheets and bedcover materials on the market:


  1. TC / Poly TC fabric

This type of bed linen material is widely used by bed linen manufacturers because the price is cheaper than other materials. This type of material almost controls 50% market share in Indonesia.


  1. Material CVC fabric (cotton viscose) / Viscose Cotton

CVC fabric is a cotton fabric that has a composition of 60-70% cotton and the remaining 30-40% viscose or rayon material is comfortable and soft. Viscose material is usually used in T-shirts, jackets, shirts and so on. In the market, ordinary CVC fabric is called korean cotton cloth. This fabric is generally used by the middle class and young people. In addition to the quality of soft fabrics, the price is also not too expensive and includes materials with medium quality. Another advantage of this material is not easily tangled.


  1. Panca fabrics

Panca fabrics have a composition of 65% cotton and 35% viscose. This fabric has advantages: cold material, comfortable to wear, but not as smooth as Catra fabric. Panca Fabric is a local-made CVC fabric and is produced by Panca Agung. The advantages of other Panca fabrics are production and availability of materials that continue so it is suitable for those of you who want to produce their own (home industry). Sometimes for imported materials there are many demand constraints from customers but the material is out of bed sheet and difficult to enter again to Indonesia.


  1. Catra fabric

The fabric of Catra has 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Catra fabric is smoother and more comfortable than Panca fabric. The price of Catra cloth is slightly more expensive than Panca kanin because of the better fabric quality.


  1. Japanese Cotton / Japanese Satin Fabric

This fabric material has a characteristic of soft, cool, and smooth and the color does not fade despite being washed repeatedly. This material has a special weaving arrangement so it is very comfortable, thicker, but the fabric is more limp. The structure of Japanese cotton webbing is crisscrossed between 1 thread and 4 to 7 threads. The more that cross the other threads, the softer & smoother the cloth. The price of this fabric is generally 2x more expensive than CVC fabric. You will definitely feel comfortable and at ease to linger on the mattress if using bed sheets and bedcover in your bed.


  1. Twill / Canon fabric

This material is commonly called Chinese cotton. Cotton twill / canon has 2 grades with different quality. Twill with good quality is almost the same as Japanese cotton, the difference lies in the width of the material is only 235 cm so that for bed sheets with 25 cm high, twill material should use a connection in the folds of the head. But the lower quality twill cotton is thinner and the colors are less bright. To make clothes, manufacturers prefer cotton twill good quality.


  1. Dobby fabric

This type of cotton contains satin material such as Japanese satin that looks shiny and luxurious. Dobby type materials are generally striped or plaid and commonly used in star hotels.


  1. Jacquard / King Koil Fabric


In the market of Jacquard fabrics better known as King Koil. King Koil itself is the name of the manufacturer of the mattress / bed is very famous in the world. Maybe because the quality is very good, so people often call it King Koil material. This type of material is soft, cool, 100% cotton, with motifs so that not have a color that stands out. It has the same ant color

  1. Silk Fabrics / Silk


This fabric is a combination of cotton and silk. It has a limp nature with a typical silk slick texture. Comfortable to use, smooth, but very powerful. The blend of silk makes this material look elegant and soft. Cotton content makes this material strong and durable.

So that’s article about material of bed covers, hope you can find the bed covers that you need.

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