Types Of Hospital Beds


Types Of Hospital Beds

In the past, patient beds tended to be seen as furniture that existed only in hospitals or clinics where there were now various types and types of patient beds. In fact, if we trace the cost of hospitalization in the hospital is now increasing, other smart alternatives we need to take. We need to prepare the ‘hospital’ in our own homes. Certainly with some notes; The condition of a sick family should at least be declared eligible for outpatient at home. There are some absolute facilities that will not be obtained by outpatients, eg medical supervision and periodic check-up of nurses. However, in some cases, home care can provide a positive psychological effect for the patient’s recovery.


Choosing Type of Bed Patient

The house offers an atmosphere of social support that is often very limited when in a hospital ward. In fact, patients (especially patients with strokes) usually require a relaxed and new atmosphere in order to speed up the healing process. One of the pieces that you must have to care for a sick family / parent at home is the patient’s bed. Because in general, most of the time they spend in bed. Regular mattresses or beds no longer meet the needs of some patients with certain diseases. For example, the inability of a regular mattress to bend the back to the head. In addition, overly padded mattress may aggravate the patient’s spinal condition. Mattress that is too hard, will make patients get tired and pain. Therefore, determining the type of patient bed is important. One of the advantages of a patient bed that can be established or placed in the ergonomic function. When there are relatives who come to visit, for example. Patients become able to meet face-to-face and more easily interact with them when their beds are enforced. Then when the time to rest, just restore the position of the bed again.

It is advisable to choose a bed type of patient with a bed height adjustment machine. And handle that can be folded as needed. In addition, the material maker also try from mild steel stainless steel. So if accidentally hit the periphery of the handle, his pain will not be as big as if hit the solid iron. Mattress material must also be considered. Determine the type of patient bed made from easy-to-clean materials. Often we can not control the spillage of food, dirt, or anything when the patient is in bed. Another option that is more economical, is a bed of patients made from powder coated steel. But of course there are some disadvantages; Such as not anti-rust and heavier.


Different Types Of Hospital Beds

For those of you who want to use the bed for small children, or for some special cases, there are several manufacturers that provide color choices are quite varied. The skin of his mattress is usually made from vinyl This material is commonly used also for the sofa, so relatively comfortable to use in the long term.

Make sure you also know the height and width of the family / patient who will use the bed, because the size and length of bed beds of patients who diet in this market vary widely. But no need to worry, some manufacturers have used the standard hospital products for each product. Choose products that are marketed by well-known producers, thus minimizing the likelihood of fraud. Make sure you also compare prices and specifications with other manufacturers.

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