What Is A Bamboo Pillow


What Is A Bamboo Pillow? Water Pillow Bamboo Hydro Pad: Benefits and Usage

The bamboo hydro pad water pillow is a water-filled water cushion that is uniquely designed in various motifs and colors, using plastic fabrics and high quality rubber materials, so that the water inside the cushion does not leak, does not evaporate, and the water temperature can be more awake. The bumpy water pillow design and per-slot make the bamboo hydro pad water cushion comfortable to use and easy to store.


Water Pillow Bamboo Hydro Pad

Here are some benefits and uses of bamboo hydro pad

1. Suitable in bed (ICU / hospitalization), diabetes – especially ulcers / blisters

The use of a hydro pad in bed (as a bedding mattress after mattress) is very suitable for inpatients who need comfort in rest / sleep. Moreover, patients with diabetes or cigarette / abrasions are particularly vulnerable to scratches. So it requires a comfortable bed and not hard.

2. Patients who sit in a wheelchair / stroke

Water bamboo hydro pad pillow is also very suitable for use as seat cushion. Especially for patients who sit in a wheelchair or because suffer a stroke. Patients sitting in wheelchairs definitely need a wheelchair with comfortable buttocks. And tires

3. Prevention and healing effects for lumbar acid for back pain of neurasthenia

In addition to getting comfort in relaxing, the use of hydro pad as bedding can also provide prevention against acid lumbar for back pain neurasthenia.

4. Water cushion bamboo hydro pad serves to decrease the internal body heat temperature (can as a compress tool)

Bamboo hydro pad contains water. Water temperature is lower than the human body, so if the water pillow is placed or interact with our body, then in principle the water temperature will lower our body, so that our body will feel cooler.

5. For pregnant people who are often overheated, can neutralize body temperature

For pregnant people who often feel hot, with water content bamboo hydro pad is suitable for lowering body temperature and get the effect of coolness and freshness.

6. Can help sleep more soundly because it gives effect cool and comfortable

The use of hydro-pad in bed is also perfect for you who need a healthy comfort in rest after a day of work, to obtain good sleep quality, and very very potential to reduce stress. This is because bamboo hydro pad is able to provide cool and comfortable effect.

7. People who work office / student  school children who sit for hours

Using a hydro-pad, sitting for hours will feel more comfortable, like sitting on the water.

8. People who travel, especially in a state of stuck (prevent hemorrhoids)

For those who often travel long distances (for homecoming or business matters), sitting continuously along the way will be very easy to make our buttocks become tired.. By using a water cushion bamboo hydro pad as seat pads, it will be able to reduce the risk of exposure to hemorrhoids. In addition we will also feel the sensation of sitting on the water.

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