Hard Mattress Vs. Soft Mattress, Which Is Better For The Body?


Health and health benefits that occur during sleep in different mattress types.

How does your body wake up this morning? Do you feel fresh or have some back pain and aches? If the discomfort Glitzy feel, lest something wrong with the selection of mattresses. If so, the mattress that should be the most comfortable place to rest just make it turned into a source of disease.

According to Arya Nick Shamie, MD, Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Neurosurgery from Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, California, USA, the mattress should be a supporter of one’s body position. Spinal curves, head position, shoulders, buttocks, as well as heels should have a harmonious position while you sleep.

Then actually, what kind of mattress that supports natural body position? Is the mattress soft or hard? To find out, here’s a summary of GLITZMEDIA.CO about the effects of the two different types of mattresses. Check the details below.

Soft Mattress

Launched from the site Bewelbuzz.com, Spanish researchers examined 313 participants to replace their mattresses. 50% of the participants used a mattress with a softness level of 2.3 out of 10 (medium hard), while the rest used mattresses with 5.6 softness level of 10 (soft medium). They also use the mattress for 90 days. The result, 80% of participants who use medium-hard mattress actually experience back pain, while only 70% of the users of medium-soft mattresses that are back pain.

Not only that, judging by the discomfort in the day, as many as 50% of those who sleep on medium-hard mattresses feel uncomfortable, while only 30% of them sleep on medium-soft mattresses that feel discomfort. Then whether the mattress is better? Not really, Glitzy.

“If it’s too soft, those pressure points will not be properly supported, so your whole body flops back,” says Arya Nick Shamie, MD. Indeed, at a glance you must imagine comfortable sleeping on a very soft mattress. In fact, the mattress is too soft to make the position of the backbone to be unnatural, because too ‘drowned’ in the mattress.

When this happens, the lungs are not able to get oxygen in large quantities. It can prevent you from getting good sleep. Not only that, the uncomfortable spine position can also cause prolonged spinal pain.

Hard Mattress

Many say if in fact, hard mattress is the best. In fact, many people in ancient times had better health conditions because they slept on a cot-mat mattress. Many researchers also have concluded that the smaller the rate of mattress returns, the better the mattress is in forming the natural bone position.

The hard mattress can also push certain points on the bone so it is in the proper position. This makes the muscles, arteries, and veins become more relaxed. As a result, blood circulation will increase and this helps you to sleep more soundly. Another advantage of sleeping on a hard mattress is preventing back pain due to the position of the bone that does not ‘drown’ in the mattress. This makes the lungs get better oxygen intake. However, it does not mean sleeping on a cot like the ancients did a recommendation for you, Glizty.

“If the mattress is too firm, it will push on those main pressure points and take you out of alignment,” explains Arya Nick Shamie, MD. Mattress that is too hard will excessive pressure on your bones, so out of alignment. Same with the mattress is too soft, it can also interfere blood circulation and oxygen volume in the body.

The above exposure shows that a medium firm mattress is best for your health condition. However, for those of you who have certain diseases, such as backache, rheumatism, arthritis, or scoliosis, you should consult with your doctor to find the right mattress for his health.

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