How To Keep Your Backbone To Stay Healthy


Maintaining spinal health is an important thing to do, especially if you include people who often feel back pain, or often sit all the time in front of the computer because it works. For that know how to keep your spine to stay healthy

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How To Keep Your Backbone To Stay Healthy

How To Keep Your Backbone To Stay Healthy | One part of the body that is often neglected health is the backbone. Off, in part there are all nerve centers that connect parts of the body with the brain. Do you realize that having every activity and wrong activity can hurt our spine? Join to keep the spine healthy is not only useful for good and health, but also to keep your posture upright and healthy. Well below we make this tips to maintain healthy spine healthy.


How To Keep Your Health Spinal

  • Remember the sitting position

Sit in the right way, by attaching the entire back to the upright chair, and firmly the sole of the foot on the floor, not sturdy or stretched.


  • Do not be in a hurry

Do not run in haste or too fast. Walk with your back straight and your stomach ‘locked’, foresight, and shoulders not bent forward.


  • Take the goods with the right position

Bend the knee first before picking up the items on the floor. Cover the item with the body, grab the item on the floor, straighten the body, then knee straightened again.


  • Visual sleep position

Sleep on your back or tilt on a tight mattress. While sleeping on your back, use a thin cushion on the head and a pillow over the knee. If the sleeping position is tilted, place a thin cushion on the front of the abdomen, as well as on the limbs that are above it, and bent slightly on the joints of the thighs and knee joints.


In addition to the above ways, here’s another way to maintain spinal health:

  • Let your spine rest. Quality sleep can give your spine a rest time from heavy daily activities.
  • Choose shoes that can support your spine well. Good shoes can keep the spine in the right position (alignment). For women, reduce using high heels, because high heels will make the body unbalanced.
  • Is a good sitting position and correct, such as:
  • If you work in an office that often sits, you are encouraged to move and stretch (stretch) every 20-30 minutes.
  • Make sure your sitting position is 90 degrees upright. In addition, the position of the computer or laptop should also be parallel to the face.
  • Reduce the habit of sitting with legs crossed

Keep your ideal weight by doing:

  • Regular exercise 20-30 minutes. This regular exercise can help your spinal health.
  • Stretching exercises. You can do this by putting your chin to your neck and stretching your body back.
  • Maintain your daily diet with a balanced menu. Also is there any calcium content in your diet.
  • Do not pick up the phone while doing other activities (head tilted to the left or right).
  • Don’t bring a heavy bag
  • For men, do not touch the wallet in the back pocket. This habit can make the pelvis out of balance.
  • Quit smoking, because the effects of nicotine on cigarettes can reduce blood flow to the spine.

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