Tips to Get a Healthy Sleep


Everyone, for some reason and reason, must have had trouble sleeping at night. But do not worry, because with some simple tips you can get a better sleep than the previous nights.

Get used to sleep and wake up at the same time every day

Habits can be created, including hours of sleep. Determine the rhythm of your sleep time and be consistent with the time. After some time following the pattern, the body will have a kind of ‘natural time’ and is very helpful in managing sleep.


Use the bedroom to sleep, not as a multipurpose room

Some people have a habit of using the bedroom as a multipurpose room, such as to watch tv, work, etc. Various electronic devices such as television, computers, or gadgets can signal the brain to ‘not sleep’. Do not place these items in the bedroom, and use them before your bedtime. Furthermore, do not make the bedroom as a workplace, because as the reason above, and can interfere with your sleep.

Make sure your bedroom is quiet, dark, cool and comfortable

A cool place allows you to fall asleep fast. Also, reducing access to light and sound means reducing sleep disturbances. With these conditions, the bedroom becomes a best place and make the body become relaxed, so that makes sleep more quality.


Avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine before bed

Coffee, tea, chocolate and soda drinks can stimulate the body to stay awake. That’s because they contain caffeine. Should not consume about 4-6 hours before your bedtime. So do nicotine and alcohol.

Skip a nap

The longer the body wakes up, the easier it will be the body will fall asleep. Therefore, do not use time during the day to sleep because it will interfere with sleep at night. If your nighttime sleep management runs well, then you no longer need a nap. But if you are always sleepy during the day, it could indicate symptoms of sleep disorders and require consultation doctor.


Take time to exercise daily

The body that is always physically active – good for general health – is helpful to ensure a good night’s sleep. However, do not exercise close to bedtime because it can make it difficult for the body to fall asleep, because the body is still in a state of ‘excited’ or not yet relaxed.


Create your own sleep ritual

Young children usually have bedtime rituals such as reading fairy tales and others, as well as for adults. Create rituals for yourself such as listening to slow / light music, reading, or even a warm bath. Do these things about 15-30 minutes before your bedtime. If you have become accustomed and become a ritual, it will help you sleep.


If it is hard to fall asleep, do not stay in bed

If after 20 minutes lying down but find it difficult to fall asleep, do not keep lying awake or cranky in bed. It will actually create anxiety and add to your business difficult to fall asleep. Get up from bed, go somewhere quiet to sit or lie down to feel your eyes are ready to fall asleep.


Make sleep a priority

Believe that the body has the right to sleep and rest. Do not let the usual activities during the day prevent your sleep time. Many people sacrifice their sleep time to finish the job, or even sacrifice it with less important activities such as watching tv, playing games, internet and so on. Remember the bedtime you have set and be consistent with the schedule.

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