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Minimalist bedroom boy – Having a son is a pride for parents because there will be a successor surname. Boys have a very big difference with girls, so when you design a bedroom for your boys you should use a design that suits your child’s character and tastes. This will affect the comfort of your child in his bedroom. In addition to paying attention to the tastes and character of your child, comfort is the main key for a bedroom either from lighting or incoming air changes.

The Design Concept of Minimalist Bedroom Boys

You can find a concept for your boy’s minimalist bedroom on the internet or in interior design books as one of the reference sources for bedroom design of your baby. You can create your child’s bedroom based on certain themes your child likes, such as forest and adventure themes, aerospace themes, underwater themes, their favorite cartoon themes and so on.

Involve your child to choose his own bedroom concept, this will make the child feel has a role in designing and designing the bedroom so that more appreciate the cleanliness and comfort of his own bedroom. After knowing the concept of minimalist bedroom boys in accordance with the wishes and tastes, then the next step is to execute the bedroom with some important tips to note.

Tips on Designing a Boy’s Bed Room

Especially if the bedroom of your baby does not have enough space for their activities. As you know, boys need a bit more space for their activities, play and do some things. You can follow the following tips to make your boy’s minimalist bedroom more spacious and spacious.

Tips that you can make the inspiration is to use the bed above. You can design your child’s bed above so that the empty space below it can be used as a play room that is relieved. Stairs to the bed you can design with a drawer that can be used as a storage place of goods. With such a design your children’s minimalist bedroom will have a more spacious space where they work.

Level beds can also be used if you have two boys, whereas you do not have enough rooms to give them more privacy. Design your child-level bed with drawers at the bottom for their storage and toys.

Sufficient Lighting for Bedroom Boys

Lighting is quite important for a boy’s minimalist bedroom. Keep your child’s room get enough sunlight to kill germs, bacteria and fungi in their bedroom so they also do not get sick easily. For the evenings, use dim lighting to rest them to the maximum, and more fresh when waking up in the morning. Give them study lights for each desk so they can focus on learning.

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