Best Mattress For Big Guys


To choose the best mattress for you of course you should know a little about the mattress. In the market many types of mattresses that we come across from the ones made from kapok, foam and latex. Trivial assumption (just a place to sleep), so no need to note please thrown away. Remember…! One third of your life is on the mattress.


Mattress is your place to rest that aims to maintain a healthy body. Indeed the higher the quality of a mattress, the more expensive the price will also be. But there’s nothing wrong you are over your budget for this one thing in order to pamper and maintain your own body health.


Here are some types of mattresses that can be found on the market:

  1. Cotton-based mattress from a tree. Currently this mattress is rarely found in general in urban areas. Perhaps along with the decreasing of the tree as the producer of kapok itself. Soft and not hot is the reason many people choose this cotton mattress. But the cotton mattress has disadvantages, among others.


  1. Foam Mattress. Made of foam called polyurethane. Due to the nature of the foam that can be deflated if burdened by the weight of our bodies while lying down, and the longer used the foam will be thinner. The heat and feel of aches felt by the body while sleeping on this mattress resulted in less desirable foam mattresses, more on a low-quality foam mattress.


  1. Memory Foam Mattress, better than foam mattress. The texture is more on than the regular foam so it is more stable in sustaining our weight.


  1. Springbed or Spring Mattress. This mattress consists of springs for body support and foam or latex as a layer. . Many people use this mattress, other than comfortable to sleep because it is not hot, the price is affordable.


  1. Latex mattress. Made from milky white liquid of rubber trees. With a variety of advantages such as not causing allergies, not dusty and not bacteria, making this mattress the main choice and the most recommended for use. First, synthetic latex is the lowest class because it contains only 20% of natural latex synthetic materials. Secondly, natural latex is a natural latex content of approximately 80%. And the last one is bio latex, golden yellow and has 90% natural latex content.


To determine the best mattress for you is also affected by your own weight. Why…? Because of all types of mattresses above the level of tenderness is also different. Some are soft, medium and hard. That is to say, if your body is thin you should choose a soft mattress and vice versa if your body fat hard mattress is the main choice.

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