How Thick Is A Twin Mattress


Bed linen and mattress / mattress is the main element of sleep. Selection of mattress / mattress to be one factor that can provide comfort at rest. Mattress is a very important sleeping element. Choose a model that is not too hard.

Several types of mattresses known in the market based on their constituents are:

  • Spring bed using spring blend and polyurethane / sponge.
  • Foam mattress wear chemical foam called “polyurethane”
  • The cotton mattress uses the fruit of the tree as its raw material
  • Latex mattresses use natural raw materials in the form of latex fluids that are processed in such a way as to resemble foams and have millions of air cavities
  • Water mattress
  • Air mattress

While the size of the market is

  • Single size (90 x 200 or 100 x 200 or 120 x 200)
  • Double size (200 x 200)
  • Queen size (160 x 200)
  • King size (180 x 200)

For the thickness is available in various variants and the thinnest has a thickness of 20 cm.

Before deciding to choose a mattress / mattress it is good to note some of the following factors:

  1. Body size and weight. Adjust the thickness of the mattress with weight, the thicker the mattress then the more can support the weight. Generally the standard size mattress is 200 cm.
  2. The humidity temperature of the bedroom
  3. Allergy and sensitivity. There are some people have problems and allergies with certain ingredients that are the material of the mattress maker. Ask the seller for an explanation about the mattress maker.
  4. Bone health disorders. The elasticity and density of the mattress is important for the power of the back support. Try different sleeping positions and feel good levels of comfort to shoulders, hips and back.
  5. How long the mattress wants to use. Generally one-third of human life time is spent on the mattress. Therefore pay close attention to whether the mattress’s appearance and the quality of its contents already meet the desired needs?

After choosing mattress / matress as needed, then that is not less important is the selection of bed linen.

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