Good Sleeping Position for Health


Tired body condition after a day of activity is a sign that our body has drained a lot of energy and need a rest immediately, what form of rest is most needed by our body? Yup, sleep is the most appropriate answer.

Everyone with a certain age range has a different amount of time required to sleep. Babies require sleep 14-17 hours per day, toddlers 10-13 hours per day, teenagers 8-10 hours per day and adults 7-9 hours per day. Besides how long to sleep is also the important thing that needs to be considered as a requirement to get quality sleep, that is sleep position. Sleeping position is good for health you need to know and applied as possible.


Here are 8 Good Sleeping Position for Health

  1. Spacious, Sleeveless Sleeve

The good sleeping position for your first health is to sleep on your back (back down / to the mattress) with your arms at the side/side of your body. Considered a good sleeping position for spinal health and for the neck. However, avoid using too many pillows during your sleep. As a result, the brain does not get enough oxygen, and sleep quality becomes worse, resulting in the condition of fatigue when waking up the next day.


  1. Back, Arm Up (Starfish)

Sleeping on your back also helps prevent wrinkles and acne on the face. However, such as sleeping position number 1, sleeping with this position can also lead to snoring and other problems such as acid reflux (rising acid stomach). Plus lifting your arms up can put pressure on the nerves in your shoulders, which can cause pain.Acid reflux itself is a disease of stomach acid or better known as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a condition where the pain in the pit of the stomach or burning sensation in the chest due to the rise of stomach acid into the esophagus.


  1. Sleeping on your stomach (facing down)

Sleeping facing down or stomach can indeed improve digestion, but you also have to have its own way to breathe properly through the pillow. The trick can be to tilt the face in one direction or another to get a breathing position that is more relieving the lungs.


  1. Sleeping In Positions Like Fetus

This position will improve the maternal and fetal blood circulation, also can prevent the uterus pressing the liver, which is on the right side of the body. It also becomes a healthy sleeping position for those who often snore.However, sleeping in a fetal position like this if done too tightly can suppress breathing. The result can make you feel a bit sick in the morning, especially for those who suffer from arthritis in the joints or back.


  1. Leaning Left, Hand Beyond the Body (Log)

Sleeping in this position also prevents the rise of stomach acid, and because the spine is stretched straight, it will avoid complaints of back and neck pain. Plus, you’re less likely to snore in a sloping sleeping position like this, because the airway is more open. Therefore, it can also be the best choice for those who suffer from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.Fifteen percent of adults choose to sleep on an angle like this, but there is one disadvantage: It can cause wrinkles or spotty because half your face presses the pillow.


  1. Leaning, Exit Arm (Yearner)

One position of sleep is good for other health is in a tilted position but the position of the arm out, not in addition to the body. However, sleeping in this position there are also disadvantages that can cause pain in the shoulders and arms because of inhibition of blood flow and pressure on the nerves.


  1. Leaning Right

If you are the type of person who likes to sleep on your side, then choosing to tilt to the right or to the left has a different effect. Sleep sloping to the right, for example, can make the stomach due to stomach to deteriorate for those who have stomach acid disease or GERD. While tilting to the left can suppress internal organs such as liver, lungs, and stomach (although minimize acid reflux).

For women who are pregnant doctors usually advise sleeping tilted to the left, because this can improve blood circulation to the fetus. Especially for pregnant women to choose a good sleeping position for health is very important. Because not only for the health of the mother but also for the safety of the baby.

So choose according to the condition of your body, for those who do not have stomach acid problem rises, then sleep tilted to the right is the best sleeping position for health. But for people with GERD and pregnant women are more advisable to tilt to the left.


  1. Use Pillows As A Compliment

Choosing a good sleeping position for health is important. But regardless of the sleeping position you use, there are some items that you can add to add comfort, sleep quality, and better health, one of which is using a pillow.

Tips on using a pillow that is good for health:

  • Sleeping position supine. Make sure the pillow is not too high and you feel comfortable.
  • Use a pillow with a height that fits so that the cervical spine until the lower back is in a straight horizontal position. If necessary place a pillow between the knees.
  • Sleeping position on his stomach. Use a pillow on one side of the head (temple) make sure you can smoothly.

That was some good sleeping position for health and some shortcomings. In principle every sleeping position is a good life how we condition our body to be as comfortable as possible with the position we choose and best suited to our circumstances, pregnant women, of course, different sleep positions with women who are not pregnant.

But the most important thing of all is that we become aware of the importance of sleep for our health. Choosing a good sleeping position for health is one way to get quality sleep. Starting from a quality sleep will impact on the condition of the body is more excellent when you wake up the next day. Everyone has their favorite sleeping positions, so choose the position that is most comfortable for you and at least the risk of illness.

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